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Satellite Broadband options for rent and sale

Call Peter to discuss your needs..... (too much to explain here)  0415 263 750  or email :  
Iridium Go ......... slowest, but has some great features

WiFi hotspot to create a global online smartphone accesspoint.... call us, or Call us or click here for more details. 


Iridium Axcess Point  ......... no longer available, replaced by the Optimizer

The Axcess point plugs into the Iridium 9555 or 9575, provides a WiFi hotspot to your tablet or smartphone. A great email data option. You will have a easy to use, low bandwidth email account and limited low band width internet access (approx 20kbps) anywhere in the world.


Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot/Plus ......... a workable option, good speed, limited coverage.
See above for the listing on the Thuraya Hotspot.The SatSleeve provides a WiFi hotspot to your iOS or certain Android smartphone or tablet.  It offers 60kbps down and 15kbps up load. Ample for GRIB files.

Call us or click here for more details


Inmarsat BGAN......... great speed, units are dated, we are selling for $450 each great for the technically minded

Connects to your 32bit PC or Mac via USB cable or Bluetooth. Gives you 256/384kbps click here for more details


Inmarsat IsatHub........ Brilliant Wifi hotspot and voice - great machine - rent or try buy

The iSavi IsatHub creates a WiFi hotspot for voice plus data speeds of 256/384kbps. click here for more details. All you do is take the unit outside and turn it on, it will gain a GPS location and automatically log on to the Inmarsat network allowing you (via the app) to make phone calls and SMS. It will then only take a minute for you to turn on the data feed. It will not be using any data at this stage. You can then log into the Wifi hotspot using any device and use the data feed.
We use the Isavi regularly and find it easy to use via the very intuitive smart phone app. The speed and access to the net is very good at 5 times the old dialup speed. At this speed you have the ability to burn dolloars fairly quickly. For this reason we will give you access to a network service provider, to supply airtime. If you rack up $100k it is not our problem :-). Having said that the app allows very good control and can be set up to warn you and or cut the service at any level you wish. 
The call plan is great and the price is very competitive. Minimum cost is $25 Activation, $15 per month with data at $5 per MB, calls at $1 per minute in and out and SMS 50c.
We rent and hire the iSatHub. Call us anytime for a chat. The price will be $310 for the first week then $110 per week thereafter. This price is negotiable over longer term, it includes GST, delivery, return bag and our full 24/7 support. Our support includes sending the unit (if available) to you well before you leave (at no extra cost) to allow you to learn how to use here for inmarsat website details