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HeartSine Defibrillators: Buy or Hire Now Available

You can now rent a defibrillator from us $175 for one week including GST, delivery and return postage.

Our advice is based on 19 years experience hiring satellite equipment. 

We’ve married up thousands of different phones to people doing totally different things, with different needs. We know what works well and where; or more importantly, what doesn’t work!

Upfront, No Surprises Pricing, $10 in free calls

When you call for a chat/advice, our price will include GST, an active device, delivery and return bag. There will be no surprises, no extra fees. It is important to us that you know how to get the most out of your phone when needed. Satellite phone handsets are not as easy as normal mobile phones and knowing how to use them correctly will make a huge difference. Our commitment to you is, we will offer you up to $10 in free calls to practice before you leave.

Satellite Communications Australia-Wide

If you’re bush walking, hiking, taking an off-road adventure, or working in remote locations, you need more than just a mobile phone or GPS to keep you covered. If it’s an emergency beacon you need or voice and text contact with the office or family back home, EPIRBhire can help you find the best solution for your needs.

Life-Saving Technology from EPIRBhire

EPIRBhire has been Australia’s leading provider of EPIRB, PLB, and Satellite Phones for hire and sale since 2002. Our emergency communication devices have directly contributed to 21 rescues since then, saving 26 people in total – four of whom were in dire, life-threatening circumstances.

Satellite Phones

Standard GSM mobile phones are often unusable in remote locations. Satellite phones are not restricted by the proximity of cellular towers like cell phones, instead they communicate directly with satellites, allowing you to maintain communication wherever you are (with direct line of sight to a satellite). Each devices have it’s own set of strengths and weaknesses – our years of experience can help your ensure you get the right device for your needs.

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons

An EPIRB uses dedicated distress signals to send out coded signals in the case of an emergency on your boat. An EPIRB is about the size of a shoe and will float next to you when the boat has sunk.
Our EPIRBs have built-in GPS that allow rescue services to locate your position within 10 minutes to approximately 5 metres.

The PLB is the same as an EPIRB just smaller, so if fits in your pocket. Perfect for bushwalkers, sailors and hikers, our PLB’s have built-in GPS that allow rescue services to locate your position within 10 minutes to approximately 5 metres.

See who’s leading the pack in your remote event. Keep an eye on friends and family that are travelling. Watch over Duke of Edinburgh participants at large.  EPIRBhire can increase your events exposure and engagement with your audience for up to 300 competitors.  A new service provided in partnership with TrackMe

Thousands of Happy Customers

At EPIRBhire we have extensive experience and thousands of happy customers. We tell you exactly what to expect when you hire emergency beacons (EPIRB), satellite phones, or personal locator beacons (PLB). Our pricing includes everything you need to get talking, even $10 credit for you to familiarise yourself with the device before you leave. 

Here are some of our most recent Facebook reviews…

  • positive review  We took our foster children hiking on the remote Tarkine west coast of Tasmania . Having the Epirb gave us peace off mind that’s for sure . Absolutely Beautiful ❤️Hike

    Sal Ziggy Avatar Sal Ziggy
    January 7, 2022
  • positive review  If you need a satphone these are the guys to go to. Have used them anytime I've needed one for remote hiking and travel over the years. Super easy to deal with, great no BS advice, friendly and best prices.

    Justin Bobbermien Avatar Justin Bobbermien
    March 25, 2021
  • positive review  Service was fast, easy and affordable. I would recommend using EPIRBhire again.

    Aaron John Avatar Aaron John
    November 26, 2020
  • positive review  Recently hired a PLB for our hike of the Larapinta trail. Great service meant that we received the PLB in the mail very quickly, as it was a last-minute decision on our part to take one. It gave us the peace of mind that we needed to take on this challenging trek. Thanks for your help.

    Gary Pesavento Avatar Gary Pesavento
    September 28, 2020
  • positive review  Last minute decided to drive the Nullarbor - Adelaide to Perth - on my own. Caroline and the team were spot on organising a EPIRB and Sat Phone with all the instructions needed. They went above and beyond when the delivered package couldn’t be found, calling me to explain it had been delivered and all was good. The equipment all worked spot on - well I didn’t need to use the EPIRB - and they confirmed it had all arrived back in one piece. Thank you!! #singlefemale #epirb #singledriver #nullarbor

    Alex Miljus Avatar Alex Miljus
    March 2, 2020

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