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Updates on the Thuraya Outage: from April 19, 2023
EPIRBhire are offering highly reduced rental rates for all our clients who have purchased Thuraya equipment.
April 19: Thuraya has lost services from the T3 satellite above Sumatra, this happens occasionally and is usually fixed remotely within a few hours and sometimes a day or so.
April 22: In our opinion the current situation does not look good, Thuraya has reported that the situation is more complicated than expected. Unlike Inmarsat, it seems Thuraya does not have a spare satellite that can be more in position to replace the failed satellite.
April 25: There is currently a complete service outage for Thuraya satellite phones and IP data services on the Thuraya APAC Satellite. All services in Australia are affected…….
April 30: A quick word about the current situation with the Thuraya network. The Thuraya-3 satellite above Sumatra appears to have failed…… we will keep you up to date as and when we find out. The T2 satellite above Somalia is OK.
May 4th: Thuraya has closed its services in Australia for the foreseeable future. We suggest owners of Thuraya equipment charge the batteries to approx 80% remove the battery and pack up the kit, seal it label it, and put it to one side. In our opinion, they may return but it will be at least 18 months to two years.
May 5th: We will be removing all references to the Thuraya product from our webpages both here and

LATEST NEWS – Good news for clients with active Thuraya services:
May 18th. That was a quick two weeks filled with confusion, offers, promises and broken promises and down right stressful. It has ended with Pivotel making very generous offers for people, but only those who have active Thuraya services. The offer seems to be funded by Inmarsat and Iriduim who are offering good rates to exchange your Thuraya handset for their product. (In my opinion – This will take more Thuraya product out of the market, which will be good for Iridium and Inmarsat when Thuraya return to Australia in the next 12 to 18 months – at higher prices).
The offer is good, but disappointing. The client must commit to a 12 month plan and the Pivotel Inmarsat plan does not include Pivotel’s key feature of a local Aussie mobile number that allows incoming calls to the satphone at local mobile rates…….., well it does, BUT, Pivotel’s PIV43 plan (billed at a discount at $30) will charge the satphone 75cents per 30 seconds for that incoming call. You must take that plan and lock into a $360 12 month plan * you cannot upgrade it… that in our opinion dreadful when compared to the next plan up. Click here and read the fine print on page two..
The iridium 9555 offer is good, it’s a great phone (we prefer the Isatphone – but that’s for a chat later.)

As always, call us for a chat – after hours is fine.

See this link to the Pivotel Iridium and Inmarsat offers.

EPIRBhire has plenty of Inmarsat and Iridium satellite phones available to replace the Thuraya handsets that are not working. If you need to stay connected please call, we operate 24/7 0488 011 203 for support (just not too late)

Welcome to EPIRBhire Australia Wide – the best place to Rent, Hire or Buy a Satellite Phone, Defibrillator, PLB, Inreach Explorer and all emergency safety devices. We are available 27/4 Support just for you. Call 0415 263 750 or email

The Team (Peter, Tiffany, Jarrod and Caroline) believe we provide the best customer service experience one can ask for, based on 23 years of experience and a drive for great communication from start to finish. Clients have kindly shared their experiences with Google or Facebook reviews. We are very proud of our 233 Google reviews, they are all 5 Stars.

Rent your satellite phone with fast dispatch or pick up in 6 locations Australia-wide from offices in NSW – Dee Why & Bulahdelah, QLD – Gold Coast/Southport,
WA – Mount Claremont Perth, or NT Alice Springs & Darwin.

Hire a Satellite Phone

Rent a Satellite Phone

Satellite phone hire – Good rates and a streamlined process:
We do it better: Our satellite phone hire prices include everything (except outgoing calls) you will not find any “plus freight” surprises, or “sorry you were two days late” on the the return and charged more. Plus EPIRBhire and our other business BuyaSatphone will answer calls after hours.

We can offer a 7-day Satellite Phone for one week for $155, 10 days for $200, 2 weeks for $245, then the longer you go the cheaper it gets. This price includes GST, delivery, and return shipping. The above prices are for the Inmarsat with International number.

Your standard GSM mobile phones are often unsuitable in remote locations. SatPhones communicate directly with satellites, allowing you to maintain communication when traveling to remote locations.

*For our Thuraya outage affected clients please ask for our special rental rates on Inmarsat (local number) rental offer.

The loss and outage of the Thuraya network in April has forced a few changes:
We had, and still have a preference for the stationary satellite systems such as Inmarsat and Thuraya. Thuraya was a new system, the voice quality was excellent, the coverage was ideal for the major outback Australian touring locations. The Thuraya service was offered through Pivotel and Optus at extremely cheap rates. The outgoing calls were $1 per minute and the incoming calls were free with the caller just paying local mobile rates. The monthly call plan was almost a quarter of the Iridium and Inmarsat rates and the XT Lite handsets were just over half the price.

Unfortunately, those days are over – Our offer to our Thuraya Satellite phone owners:
With 23 years in the satellite phone business EPIRBhire and our new business will support existing clients who have purchased Thuraya products. Many clients will now find that renting is more economical than buying. Although our rental costs have increased we will support our clients who have purchased Thuraya phones from us with a special rate for your trip. We are hoping that one day in the next year or two Thuraya may return, (we own a lot of devices). If you would rather not spend more money on satellite phones we will give you a very good rate. We feel this is the best we can do under the circumstances. Call us for a chat about this offer 0415 263 750 or 0488 011 203 Tiffany and Peter

Each device has its own strengths and weaknesses – our 23 years of experience will help ensure you get the right device for your needs. We also offer a try-before-you-buy option so you can hire or rent a SatPhone and receive part of the rental fee as a credit on a resulting purchase.
In this link > You’ll find more info on how easy it is to hire a satellite phone

HeartSine AED: Now Available – Rent, Hire or Buy a Defibrillator

Hire or buy a Defibrillator

You can now rent a defibrillator from us for $175 for one week including GST, delivery and return postage.

Are you looking to hire or rent a Defibrillator for your next event at your workplace, sporting club or community group, we can help. Full pricing info here

Personal Locator Beacons 

The PLB is essentially the same as an EPIRB, just a smaller version, so it conveniently fits in your pocket when alone in remote areas. Perfect for bushwalkers, sailors, trail bikes and hikers. Our PLBs all have built-in GPS that allows rescue services to locate your position within 5 metres anywhere on the planet. You’ll find our great rates here!

Safety Equipment for the Epic Larapinta Trail

If you are taking on the breathtaking Larapinta Trail this winter, you should consider hiring a Satellite Phone or PLB*. We can look after you with either or both of these devices. NT Government say “You should carry some form of emergency communication such as a satellite phone or personal locator beacon. Don’t rely on mobile phones”.

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons

An EPIRB uses dedicated distress signals to send out coded signals in the case of an emergency on your boat. An EPIRB is about the size of a shoe and importantly, will float next to you if the boat has sunk.
Our EPIRB fleet has built-in GPS that allows rescue services to locate your position within 10 minutes to approximately 5 metres.

Satellite Tracking

See who’s leading the pack in your remote event. Keep an eye on friends and family who are travelling the remote stretches of Australia or the Globe. Watch over Duke of Edinburgh participants at large. We have a range of tracking equipment that will be ideal for maintaining a watchful eye on the progress.

Upfront, ‘No Surprises’ Pricing! $10 in free calls with phone hires!

When you call for a chat/advice, our price will include GST, an active device, delivery and a return bag. There will be no surprises or extra fees. It is important to us that you know how to get the most out of your phone when needed. Satellite phone handsets are not as easy as normal mobile phones and knowing how to use them correctly will make a huge difference. Our commitment to you is, that we will offer you up to $10 in free calls to practice before you leave.

Satellite Communications Australia-Wide

If you’re working in remote locations, you need more than just a mobile phone or GPS. If it’s an emergency beacon or voice/text contact back at base, EPIRBhire can help you find the best solution. Whether you are looking to rent, hire or buy a satphone, defibrillator, beacon or communicator.

Life-Saving Technology from EPIRBhire

EPIRBhire has been Australia’s leading provider of EPIRB, PLB, and Satellite Phones for hire and sales since 2002. Our emergency communication devices have directly contributed to 31 rescues since then, saving 26 people in total – four of whom were in dire, life-threatening circumstances.

Are you heading to remote areas out of range from the usual communications? Our suggestion, first and foremost to take a PLB. A PLB is a dedicated one-off use device with a sealed battery with a life of 5 to 10 years. When activated it transmits a very strong signal on frequencies covering three redundancies that will inform the Australian Rescue Coordination Centre of your location within 5 metres of anywhere on the planet.
Note: The PLB is a far cry from a red SOS button on a phone or tracker that may have a flat battery at the wrong time. There are many more reasons why Panic buttons on devices are not ideal, but they are better than nothing and the two-way communication is reassuring.
Our Advice; take a satellite phone and a PLB (we offer the PLB at half price with a phone hire).

Rent or hire Starlink available Australia-wide – would you like a test run?

We have been operating one of our offices via Starlink data services for 2 and a half years. If you’re interested to know more about our experience or have a test run before you buy, give us a call!
StarLink is a great product; sadly the speed is dropping. We started at 300mbps, then 200 to 100 and now mostly well under 100 with the standard Rural or RV, which is still pretty good for rural Australia.

Thousands of Happy Customers

At EPIRBhire we have extensive experience and thousands of happy customers. We can tell you exactly what to expect when you hire equipment with us so you shouldn’t expect any surprises. We provide a $10 phone credit so you can familiarise yourself with the device before you leave because we don’t want the first time you might use the satellite phone to be in an emergency. 

Feel free to check out some of our over 233 reviews, all of them 5 Stars. See Google or Facebook

Some of the events we support/supply:

Variety JetTrek

The iconic Yamaha Variety Jet Trek is Australia’s largest and most successful charity personal watercraft (PWC) event, taking place annually for over 20 years. 

Tatts Finke Desert Race

The Tatts Finke Desert Race is an off-road, multi-terrain two-day race for bikes, cars & buggies through desert country from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community. 


Graveleur embraces this spirit of adventure and anyone is welcome to join.

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