Buy a Satellite Phone/Wi-Fi Data Device or PLB Safety Beacon

Looking to buy a Satellite Phone? We sell a lot of ex-hire satellite phones, in most cases with 12 to 18 months warranty by regularly selling our ex-hire stock. We keep our fleet up to date and offer you a great deal. You can try any device before you buy, if you would like to buy a new Isatphone2 or Iridium 9555, or any other devices. We’re available 24/7 for help and advice with real people at your service.

Our Range of Satellite Networks & Phones

We support and use three key Satellite Networks; Inmarsat or Iridium. With 2 decades of experience hiring satellite phones we know all the good points and compromised area of each service. Give us a call to talk through your requirements to ensure you get the satphone or Wi-Fi data device that best suits your needs.

Each of the networks have their strengths and weaknesses. With our 20 years of experience, we understand them well and can guide you to the correct choice. We tend to favour the stationary system of Inmarsat with the fixed satellites over the variable reception caused by the moving Iridium Satellites. Iridium has some unique features that offer advantages on many devices, particularly with data, tracking, and messaging. Call for a chat anytime.

Our Range of PLB’s and EPIRB’s

We carry a select range of Ocean Signal, Kti and GME Safety GPS-enabled Safety Beacons.

Our Range of Satellite Trackers and Messaging devices

We carry a select range of Spot and inReach Explorer+ tracking devices. We have partnered with SPOTNZ to deliver a premium tracking solution you’ll love, that is flexible and personalised.