Buy a PLB or EPIRB
New and Ex-Hire Safety Beacons

As well as hiring quality GPS-enabled emergency beacons, EPIRBhire sells new and ex-hire (never activated) safety beacons at competitive prices. Whether you are planning a bush walk or participating in a yacht race, you can buy a high-quality PLB (personal locator beacon) or EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon) that will help keep you safe by alerting the rescue authorities and pinpointing your exact location within minutes of activating.

 Quality Stock, Fast Turnaround

We buy the very best safety beacons available. Generally within 12 to 18 months we will sell them, this keeps our rental stock new and represents excellent value for the new buyer.

Currently Available for Sale:

The range of emergency beacons we currently have available for sale includes:

  • New Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1 battery expiry May 2031 – $370
  • Ex-hire Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1 battery expiry Oct 2028 – $265
  • Ex-hire Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1 battery expiry Jul 2029 – $305
  • New Ocean Signal MOB1 AIS Beacon battery expiry Jul 2029 – $340
  • New Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB3 Beacon battery expiry Feb 2029 – $950
  • Ex Demo (used as backup) Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB3 Beacon battery expiry April 2029 – $790
  • Ex-hire used once GME MT600G Boat EPIRB batt exp Dec 2033 – $310
  • Ex-hire Ocean Signal MOB1 AIS Beacon battery expiry May 2029 – $259

All prices above are in Aussie dollars, inclusive of GST and delivery; discounts can be offered for orders with higher quantities.
Call anytime 0488 011 203.

If you wish to buy a PLB or EPIRB we will generally send them within 24 hours of payment, if not the same day.

NEW…… PLB3 with AIS beacon.
Ocean Signal PLB3: Combine PLB and AIS beacon – $810

Give us a call to discuss this new device.
We think at 21cm it is too long to carry if not installed in a life vest, and let’s be honest most of us don’t wear them all the time. The cost is also higher than buying a separate PLB and PLB.

  • Return Link Service (RLS Capable)Return Link Service (RLS Capable)
  • 406MHz & 121.5MHz Signals406MHz & 121.5MHz Signals
  • Integrated AIS AlertIntegrated AIS Alert
  • Visible Light and IR StrobeVisible Light and IR Strobe
  • Multi GNSSMulti GNSS
  • Simple Life Jacket IntegrationSimple Life Jacket Integration
Buy a RescueMe PLB

Buy a New RescueMe PLB1 – $370
we have plenty of ex hire available, POA

GPS enabled, Battery life: 7 and a half years
Weight: 116 grams, Size 32 x 51 x 75mm

Buy a Boat EPIRB with EPIRBhire

Buy an ex-hire GME MT600 EPIRB – $245

GPS enabled, Battery life: expires Jan 2029
Size: 260 x 102 x 83mm (stowed in bracket)

Be sure to keep your beacon info updated regularly with AMSA!

Keep yourself safe, call us today at 0415 263 750 to organise your emergency communication solutions. 
Buy a PLB or EPIRB with the people in the know!

We operate 24/7 for critical support, we extend this service to prospective clients who prefer to chat after hours.- Just not too late