Zoleo Global Messenger

Zoleo Messenger Satellite Communicator Device
Zoleo Global Messenger – $345
Call plan from $32 or $55 or $80 per month

Would you like to try the Zoleo before you buy?
Rent the Zoleo for 10 days for $110 including GST, delivery, and return freight.
If you would like to buy the Zoleo we will discount 50% ($55) of the rental from the purchase price.
For smartphone users venturing beyond mobile coverage, ZOLEO is the only satellite messenger that ensures a seamless global messaging experience via satellite, mobile, and Wi-Fi!
Offering a familiar text experience via your smartphone with the lowest cost of messaging with a dedicated “04” Aussie mobile number. A great solution for employees travelling beyond mobile coverage, global business travellers, mariners, fishermen, and their crew.
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