Looking to buy a satellite phone?

Buy a Satellite Phone

Are you confused by all the different types?
Are you planning a long remote trip and thinking it may be best to buy a satellite phone rather than rent or hire?
Are you unsure about which satellite phone will be the best model for the area you are going to?

Buy a satellite phone from EPIRBhire with confidence. Satellite phones are an excellent communication tool when you’re out of normal mobile GSM range, not just for voice calls, but text and possibly low bandwidth data. EPIRBhire offer services through all three key satellite service providers available in Australia; Iridium or Inmarsat.

EPIRBhire has now started a sister business and website to focus exclusively on the sale of new satellite phones and the well-looked after ex-hire satellite phones from EPIRBhire. Our new site is a well-organised Shopify format where you will find everything you need. If you need to buy a satellite phone one of the best places is BuyaSatphone.com. Head to new Shopify site and let us know what you think.

Quality, Knowledge, and Experience

EPIRBhire stocks new satellite phone handsets from Inmarsat or Iridium. Renting satellite phones for over 20 years, our hands-on knowledge of satellite phones is unsurpassed. We have thousands of happy customers who know that we can tell you exactly what you can expect from either purchasing or renting any satellite phone. We have a wide range of accessories such as car kits, external antennas, and more.

Try before you buy a satellite phone!

With EPIRBhire you can hire a phone before you commit to a purchase.

On a budget?

To keep our hire fleet sparkling, we are constantly selling our rental stock before it starts looking old. You can pick up a good deal with the confidence of an 18 month warranty and our 24/7 support.  We can organise the best phone and right call plan for your needs.

Satellite Phones – Know the Limits

It’s important to know the limitations of before you buy a satellite phone. Though this technology is very good, and very reliable, some important points to bear in mind:

  • They transmit to satellites that are either traveling at 26,000kph or are over 35,000km away.
  • If they cannot see the satellite they don’t work. i.e. they do not work inside a house, car or caravan.
  • The three different satellite systems available in Australia all have their good points and not-so-good points, there will always be a compromise when choosing, including the buy price, call plan, reception and features.
  • The call quality is variable; if you fully understand how to use your particular handset it will make a huge difference.  Don’t expect to have a service similar to your mobile. EPIRBhire goes to great lengths to teach our clients how to get the best out of each handset.
  • Calls are not that expensive – there are many different call plan options.

Current Satellite Phone Pricing

Buy a Satellite Phone – NEW (incl. GST, delivery, 12-month warranty & hardcase)

Buy a Satellite Phone Ex-Hire (incl. GST, delivery, warranty & hardcase)

All new and ex-hire pricing is in Australian dollars, and includes the SIM, appropriate phone chargers, a protective hard case, GST, quick delivery, and our exclusive 24/7 support for the life of the phone.  We can also organise the right call plan for your needs.

Inmarsat and Iridium Pre-Paid Credit top up also available.

Post Paid accounts have a local Australian mobile number making inbound communications an affordable solution for regular contact.

Contact Us

For more information or to make a purchase, call us on 02 4997 8183 or 0415 263 750.
We operate 24/7 for critical support and we extend this service to prospective clients who prefer to chat after hours. Just not too late.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • We are available 24/7. This means whenever you need help with your satellite communication devices, we are available, you will speak to us directly, not a call centre.
  • We have over 7,500 very satisfied clients. We will tell you exactly what you can expect with a satellite phone, which is often a little different from what the glossy brochure may tell you.
  • We have hired satellite phones to thousands of different clients going to different locations around Australia and the globe, our experience and depth of knowledge are refined and highly regarded.
  • There are currently 3 quality satellite systems available in Australia. We can tell you which brands work best and where and why.
  • With EPIRBhire you can try or hire before you commit to a purchase.
  • We have a large hire fleet so we will have you covered.
  • We can top up your satellite pre-paid credit quickly at the right price.
  • Our service is very fast – if you have a problem with your phone or need a spare we can typically send you another phone within 24 hours.
  • EPIRBhire’s prices for sale and rental are highly competitive and our service is unmatched

the best place to buy a Satellite phone is at www.buyasatphone.com.au
yes, that is our new online Shopify site www.buyasatphone.com.au

Looking to buy a Satellite Phone – here’s the manufacturer info on each device.

Inmarsat Isatphone2
Iridium 9555
Iridium 9575
Iridium Go!