Buy an AIS Beacon

Need to buy an AIS Beacon? Increasingly yacht race requirements are calling for crew to carry AIS and PLB Beacons. We can get you sorted, quickly.

Buy an Oceansignal MOB1 AIS Beacon

$390 incl GST and delivery

AIS (Automatic Identification System)
Integrated DSC transmitter (Digital Selective Calling)**note for the rental units, the DSC function is available but cannot be re programmed for vessel ID.
30% (typ) smaller than competitors Automatic activation *
Simple lifejacket integration*
7 year battery life
24+ hours operational life
5 year warranty***
Fast accurate positioning MOB1 DSC Functionality Explained

* DSC functionality is subject to regulations of country.
** Always refer to the manufacturer for specific instructions before installing this product directly to your life jacket.
*** Subject to warranty statement. (Note: When used in commercial applications the warranty period is restricted to two years.)

Buy an ex-hire AIS Beacon

We also have available ex-hireĀ Oceansignal MOB1 AIS Beacon battery expiry May 2029 – $310

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