Hire a Satellite Phone

Renting a satellite phone is made as easy and straight forward as possible. When we quote a price it includes GST, delivery, and a return freight… no added costs, aside calls made. We even provide $10 of calls for you and your travel partners to familiarise yourselves with the device before you depart.  Let’s us know out what your communication needs are and where you’re headed and we’ll match you to the best of the three satellite services available. Inmarsat or Iridium are all excellent systems but one will be better for your travels. EPIRBhire support and connect to the Pivotel call plans offering the local number option allowing you to receive calls to the satphone at standard mobile rates for the caller and no cost to the handset, this is the best option we can find. EPIRBhire is one of Pivotel’s largest dealers and the only dealer who operates 24/7. Feel free to read over the info on our page – or give us a call and we’ll get you sorted. We are happy to take calls out of business hours.

Hire a Defibrillator

EPIRBhire has chosen to stock the Heartsine product from Northern Ireland for our extensive hire fleet.
Our prices include express delivery, a return bag, 24/7 support and training video. We also include a prep kit with universal shears, surgical razor, CPR faceshield, nitrile gloves and Towelette. This kit is essential for efficient use of a defibrillator.

Hire a PLB and EPIRB

EPIRBhire stocks Ocean Signal RescueMe and KTI SA2G Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and GME Boat EPIRB’s. For faster response and greater accuracy, all are GPS-enabled.  You can trust these high quality brands to keep you safe on your adventure or remote work site.

Hire an AIS (Man Overboard) Device 

We offer the Kannad R10 and the extra small RescueMe MOB1 beacons. Lifesaving device for local area water-based recoveries when there is a “MOB Man Over Board” situation, whether boating, yacht racing, fishing, or other industry. An onboard SART (Search and Rescue Transponder) compatible AIS receiver is required to ensure you are able to find your crew if required.

Australia-Wide Satellite Phone and Safety Beacon Hire

EPIRBhire have been renting satellite phones and safety beacons for more than 20 years now, working closely with adventurers, aid-workers, athletes, grey nomads, event organisers, sailors, private corporations and government through to remote work site operators finding the best emergency communications and safety solutions for their needs. There aren’t many situations we can’t match – try us!

Thousands of Happy Customers

At EPIRBhire we have extensive experience and thousands of happy customers. We can tell you exactly what to expect when you rent a satellite phones, or personal locator beacons (PLB). Check out our Google and Facebook reviews!

EPIRBhire’s Proud Record

With 40+ Australian rescues to date to date with our GPS-enabled PLB hires, we’re very proud of the real-world help our service has been able to render to people in dangerous situations. In each case, rescue services were on the scene and helping typically within two hours of the beacon being activated.

Contact Us

Contact us on 0415 263 750 or info@epirbhire.com.au to find out more about our high quality products and great range of hire options for safety beacons and satellite phones.

We operate 24/7 for critical support, we extend this service to prospective client who prefer to chat after hours.- Just not too late