Hire an Emergency Beacon

Hire a PLB from EPIRBhire

At EPIRBhire, we offer a tight range of Emergency Beacon hire products. We rent emergency beacons; PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) and EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) at competitive rates right across Australia. For the sailor heading offshore deliveries or racing in Cat 1 and Cat 2 races we will be stocking the combined AIS/PLB, see below. We also carry a range of handheld GPS devices, handheld Marine VHF and handheld UHF (CB) radio devices. 

Hire or buy the new RescueME PLB3 – combined 406/AIS/RLS Beacon

We are extending the range of Emergency Beacon hire products. We will shortly stock the now-approved RescueME PLB3. The price is not that competitive at over $800 being $100 more expensive than the separate products such as the RescueME PLB1 at $330 and the RescueME AIS MOB1 Beacon at $350. If you are keen to rent or buy, give us a heads-up early

Bush walkers hint – Combine & Save

When you hire a Satellite Phone & PLB we will reduce the hire cost of the PLB by half.

Are you walking in snake country then why not hire a Survival Snake Bite Kit for only $22 with your PLB hire!

How do I hire an emergency beacon?

Hiring an emergency beacon through us is simple, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Call or email us and we will quote you a price.   Our minimum beacon hire is 7 days at $88 (incl. GST and delivery & return postage) – 2 weeks $98, and 3 weeks $110. You can provide credit card details over the phone or by direct debit/cheque for payment before dispatch.
  2. Complete the temporary registration of the beacon via use our online registration form (see button below also).  
  3. We will dispatch your equipment a week before you leave & email you user instructions, so it’ll arrive at least a few days before you go.
  4. At the end of the hire, we ask you to safely pack and post the item back to us.
Hire a KTI Emergency Beacon
Weight: 140 grams, Size 31 x 64 x 88mm
Hire a RescueMe Emergency Beacon
RescueMe PLB1 PLB
Weight: 116 grams, Size 32.5 x 50 x 77mm
Hire a Beacon
Weight: 260 x 102 x 83mm (stowed in bracket)

Northern Territory: Darwin & Alice Springs

Northern Territory National Park bushwalkers – you are required to have a PLB or satellite phone for overnight walks including Kakadu and Litchfield.

Hire a PLB for pick up/drop off in Darwin & Alice Springs.

GPS Is Essential

Hire an Emergency Beacon for Yacht Racing

The importance of having a high-quality GPS-enabled EPIRB or PLB on board your boat when yacht racing can’t be overstated. A dangerous situation at sea can quickly turn deadly – you need to be found before that happens. EPIRBhire offers simple, cost-effective PLB hire to keep you safe.

We’ve been managing beacons for yacht races and liaising with clubs for about 22 years.  Dealing with just one crew member makes things much easier for us and reduces administration costs, which will help you get your safety beacon quicker and at a better price. If multiple PLBs are needed for one boat, please work out what you need in advance and have just one crew member call us, then we can organise the rest.

Wherever possible, we reduce the cost for crews who are organised, get in early, use us regularly, and return items promptly.

Always make sure you use GPS-enabled PLBs and EPIRBs. Products without GPS can take up to 3 hours to pinpoint your location, increasing the chances that something will go wrong or time will run out. EPIRBhire stocks only GPS-enabled beacons.

Get in Touch

Please call us on 0415 263 750 to find out more and make sure your next adventure is a safe one. We operate 24/7 for critical support, we extend this service to prospective clients who prefer to chat after hours.- Just not too late!

How do Emergency Beacons Work?

Check out the AMSA website for more info on beacon activation and operation.

For more info on these devices

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Operational Videos:

Activating a KTI PLB – EPIRBhire’s YouTube Video

Activating a Kannad SafeLink Solo – EPIRBhire’s YouTube Video