Hire Rates for the GARMIN InReach from $175.

Satellite Communicator/Tracker
Need Tracking and 2-way messaging?

Satellite Tracking w Explorer+
Garmin InReach Explorer+

Rent a Garmin InReach Explorer+

Do you have staff travelling to remote regions? Would it be responsible to have a satellite tracking device for peace of mind? The Garmin inReach Explorer+ will provide unlimited tracking and unlimited outgoing preset messages that will allow remote staff to keep the WHS/OH&S team fully informed with minimal effort and interruption to their day.
Call us for a detailed explanation – 0488 011 203.

One week hire of Garmin Inreach Explorer $175, no more to pay.
extended hire just – $7/day there after… 

Hire includes – Garmin Inreach, 240v & 12v chargers, Carabiner and Velcro Strap, delivery and return post – Unlimited Preset messages
– Unlimited tracking points (down to 10min tracking)
– 10 free SMS Text Messages (inbound and outbound) per week’s hire, ie 2 weeks = 20 free. 75 cents each thereafter or pay $55 extra per month (or part thereof) for unlimited Text and 2 min tracking option.
*Basic Weather – treated as a Text. Premium Weather $1.50 each

We supply personalised instructions and training for satellite tracking devices;
User Registration
SOS and contact registrations
User webpage tracking and message portal
Exclusive 24/7 phone support.
We will endeavour to have it to you at least two days earlier so you can learn how to use it correctly.

* Discount corporate rates available, please call 0415 263 750
Multiple units POA.

Live Satellite Tracking

EPIRBhire offers satellite tracking opportunities leveraging inReach Explorer+, SPOT Gen3 & 4 and SPOT Trace devices. This service is specifically suited for all remote activities; whether it be running, horseback, family road trips, asset tracking, remote and lone works as well as remote events where GSM trackers won’t work.

Keep Track of Competitors for Safety and Fun

EPIRBhire is supplying Australian event managers with competitor satellite event tracking. This will allow managers and the public to track competitors as they move through an area. Not only does this provide a more interactive experience for spectators, but it will also allow event organisers to more easily render help should a competitor become lost or injured.

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To find out more or organise satellite tracking for your event, call us on 0415 263 750.

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