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A little bit about us: Peter and Caroline Davidson started EPIRBhire in 2002. Since then, the team two other team members, providing a true 24/7 support service for satellite phone and safety beacon hire throughout Australia. We have hired phones, emergency beacons, trackers and defibrillaotrs to clients on more than 15,000 occasions.
This experience means we can tell you exactly what you can expect from your satellite phone, whether you purchase or hire.

EPIRBhire was awarded the contract to supply Satphones, PLBs and Trackers for the ABS 2016 and 2021 Census.
EPIRBhire is one of the main suppliers of safety equipment for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race since 2002 with over 4,500 beacons used to date.

We’ve had 29 people rescued by activating their PLB  – four of them would not have survived.

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About Us Supporting Local Adventurers and Community Groups

EPIRBhire is a proud supporter of various charities, community groups and adventurers in Australia. Our satellite phones and safety beacons keep them safe in the often dangerous isolation of this great country.

Adventurers we have supported include:

  • Yamaha Variety JetTrek since 2010.
  • Graveleur back road adventure mountain bike community group.
  • Variety Newcastle 1,000 K’s for Kids.
  • Adventurers Chris Bray and Clark Carter.
    • EPIRBhire and been a proud supporter of Chris Bray for almost 10 years. In this time, Chris has established himself as one of Australia’s finest young adventurers and now an accomplished photographer hosting fantastic photography courses/safaris.
    • Back in July 2005 Chris Bray and Clark Carter, plunged deep inside the Arctic Circle to do what no one ever had – travel unsupported across Victoria Island, the world’s ninth largest and largely unexplored island. Their route, from the most Easterly tip of the island to the most Westerly, would take them past approximately 1,000km of incredibly varied terrain – in 2008 they did it again.
  • Scott Orchard and Run for Reclink
    • We supported Scott Orchard in his 11day, 766 km run from Canberra to Melbourne.
  • The BASEClimb3 team Dr Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan
    • When jumping out of planes with a regular parachute just isn’t enough (these guys are wild!)
  • Mulithull Sailor Bruce Arms
    • Bruce Arms won the last two Solo Trans Tasman Races back to back with “Big Wave Rider”. Bruce has just become the first to sail non-stop single-handed around Australia.
  • Adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke
    • This Belgian adventurer has spent more time than most exploring and documenting Australia’s harsh and beautiful outback, and our tech has helped to keep him safe.

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