“Graveleur is a cycling community drawn together by one thing – back road exploring”. This is place often away from the conveniences of modern connectivity; sometimes for the better, and occasionally the worse.

Are you participating in one of the upcoming events? Congratulations, that’s no easy feat! EPIRBhire have been supporting the Graveleur Thunderbolts Adventure for the last few years with equipment at a special rate for entrants. Did you need to buy or hire a safety device or communicator? We offer a full range of satellite phones, trackers and communicators that could come in handy; they may also be necessary requirement for entry.

Some of the equipment we offer which might be of interest to you can be found below.

Rent a Satellite Phone

Satellite Phones

There are a few different satellite networks and phones available and depending on the location of the Graveleur event some may not be appropriate. You’re best to have a chat to help confirm what will suit your needs.

inReach Explorer+

With GPS, full contour maps and ability to send and receive messages anywhere, this is a great tool for all your Graveleur back road adventures. The tracking feature on this device, which requires an active Garmin subscription plan, is a great way to share your location with those that can’t be out on the open road with you. You can also control this device from your smartphone which can be handy to texting purposes.

RescueMe PLB1

Personal Locator Beacon

The RescueMe PLB1 is the smallest and lightest emergency beacon on the market. This dual band device will have you covered if you find yourself in a situation of “grave and imminent danger”. Keeping it in easy reach, this device is easy enough to activate if the need arises and rescue services will be notified and called to action.

Some of the upcoming Graveleur events worth checking out can be found below.

The Tassie Tour
Clarkes Gambit 2022
Thunderbolts Adventure 2023

All the best with your Graveleur adventures folks!