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We will answer the phone outside business hours on 0415 263 750 or 0488 011 203 (just not too late) or
24/7 in emergency situations (if required) on 0488 011 203
We can offer 21 years of specialist advice on Satellite phones, PLBs, Defibrillators or any Satellite comunication device needed, including Starlink, Inreach Explorer, PLBs, AIS beacons, SPOT Trace, Zoleo and many more.

For bushwalks, hiking, off-road adventures, or other treks to remote areas, you need emergency communications technology. Should disaster strike in a remote location, satellite phones, Personal Locator Beacons (PLB), and Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB) from EPIRBhire can be the difference between life and death. Don’t leave home without renting the peace of mind provided by Satellite phones two way communication.

Our locations for pick up and drop off of satellite phones and defibrillators to:
Bulahdelah (NSW),
Dee Why (NSW),
Southport (QLD),
Mount Claremont (WA),
Alice Spring (NT),
Darwin (NT),

Overnight express deliveries for satellite phones and defibrillators to:
Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and most mojor centres

We have stock of satellite phones and defibrillators in place at many locations around Australia.
As mush as we would love a bit of warning on orders, we are experts at the last minute requests.
We carry large stock inventory and we never run out, call us for advice and supply

EPIRBhire Provides Life-Saving Services

EPIRBhire has been Australia’s leading providers of EPIRB, PLB, and satellite phones for hire and sale since 2002. Our emergency communication devices have directly contributed to 27 rescues since then, saving 38 people in total – four of whom were in dire, life-threatening circumstances.

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Deliveries: EPIRBhire @ PO Box 99, BULAHDELAH, NSW 2423